Welding Consultancy

Sheasby International contains years of experience in all welding codes and processes. Our knowledge and expertise within this area are unlimited.

Some codes and standards currently utilised by our clients are:

  1. BS EN
  2. ASME
  3. SANS
  4. AWS
  5. ISO

Processes covered include are (but not limited to):

  3. SAW/Sub-Arc
  5. PAW
  6. Stud Welding
  7. Resistance welding


In order for our clients to meet the demands of their various industries serviced, Sheasby international carries out and compiles all required welding documentation approved by a certified International Welding Engineer.

Sheasby International witnesses and approves the following welding documentation for our client:

  1. Procedure Qualification Records
  2. Welding Procedure Specifications
  3. Welder Qualification Records
  4. Prolongation of welder qualification
  5. Destructive Testing
  6. Non-destructive Testing
  7. All laboratory testing and reports

As the demand in industries are high and can become extremely costly if not managed correctly, we consult with our clients to prevent unnecessary expenditure on their behalf. Ultimately Sheasby internationals goal is to create an environment with the highest quality in mind at the best possible price.

Additional welding services:

  1. Problem solving of all weld related issues.
  2. Weld sequences and techniques to minimise distortion.