Quality Control

Sheasby International’s expertise in Quality Control will streamline your processes and ultimately satisfy your end user by ensuring all required documentation is approved prior to any fabrication. We ensure that all your clients requirements are clearly identified and understood by all parties involved during the project kick off meeting, in this way preventing unnecessary project delays.

Through our quality control processes, we ensure the following documentation is drafted and approved:

  1. Data Book INDEX’s
  2. Quality Control Plans (QCP/ITP)
  3. Welding Documentation (PQR/WPS/WQR)
  4. Weld Maps
  5. Weld matrix
  6. NDE Procedures (MPI/PT/RT/UT)
  7. Test Procedures (Pressure testing/Visual Testing etc)
  8. Method Statements

Throughout the project, Sheasby International personnel will ensure that all end user’s intervention points are adhered to. This positively impacts our client’s credibility to their end user ensuring future trouble free projects.

The ultimate goal is to complete a quality project on time, in line with all the contract requirements and under budget. We know that as Sheasby international is integrated with your company, this goal is achievable.

The quality controllers will handle the following during fabrication:

Shop Inspector:

  1. Compile the data book in accordance with approved index.
  2. Involvement through each step of the project as identified in the approved QCP.
  3. Ensure all procedures are understood and enforced.
  4. Verify and approve all incoming material.
  5. Conduct fit-up inspections.
  6. Carry out random welder operator checks in accordance with approved procedures.
  7. Ensure latest revision drawings are on the shop floor.
  8. Witness all test conducted.
  9. Ensure test are carried out in accordance with approved procedures.
  10. Liaise with client representative.
  11. Ensure client reports are included in the data book.
  12. Create inspection report
  13. Issue a Certificate of Manufacture on completion of Job
  14. Ensure the data book is completed, copied and submitted to the end user timeously.

Vendor Inspector:

If vendor inspectors are required for the project, he/she will ensure that the above shop inspections are carried out in accordance with specification and code requirements. He/she will expedite the progress of the project and report on the progress after each visit. This will highlight to the relevant project manager/engineer if any deviation from schedule has occurred and corrective measure can be implemented.