Quality Assurance

Sheasby International assist their client with all ‘paper work’ requirements to assure all work will be done right, first time, every time.

Quality Assurance in accordance with ISO standards in imperative in today’s world.

Sheasby International compiles the following:

  1. Quality Policy Manual
  2. Organisation procedures per department
  3. Organisation work instructions
  4. Assist with preparing for ISO 9001 audits.
  5. Review and update/improving current procedures
  6. Conduct internal and external audits on department and suppliers.

Sheasby International provides training and will prepare your employees for audits that may be perform by external companies.

Though our extensive knowledge of various project requirement, Sheasby International also assists with pre-project planning. In this way we estimate the quality costing that will be applicable to the project. We highlight costs that are often neglected and even forgotten yet are crucial to the successful commissioning of a complete quality project. Far too often projects are deemed unsuccessful, and it is contributed to the lack of or complete disregard for quality assurance and quality control.” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”