Sheasby International has numerous client to which it provides quality services on a contract basis. We provide highly qualified and knowledgeable individuals to meet the expectations of our clients and ultimately their end users.

Qualifications available are:

  1. SAIW Level One Welding Inspector
  2. SAIW Level Two Welding Inspector (Senior Welding Inspector)
  3. CSWIP welding Inspectors (Various levels)
  4. RT Interpreter
  5. International Welding Engineer
  6. Inspector of Pressurized Equipment
  7. Competent persons Boilers
  8. Component persons Vessels
  9. Quality Assurance Manager
  10. Quality Control Manager

As our client’s requirements vary per contract, we remain flexible to meet their demands and ensure the best fit inspector or engineer is integrated.

Rates are dependant on job and client requirements.

For a quote give us a call and let’s discuss the best possible solution for your company or send us your enquiry at